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Men Overhauled: Do Men Need Makeovers for Dating?

Change is indeed inevitable and in some instances, it is necessary. The same may be applied in the case of single men with a blah date life. Start making a list of the things you need to change about yourself and expect her to glance towards your direction. After all, that spark might be the start of something wonderful.

Cut the act. Be true.

Confidence equals appeal. Those blessed with a fair share of self-esteem are the ones who have the ability to let women drool over them. Genuine confidence is key. Treasure your uniqueness. You might not like certain aspects about yourself but that’s just who you are. Trying to be someone else defeats the purpose of showcasing yourself to everyone. Sometimes, men tend to unconsciously create a facade of their personalities in an attempt to impress the girls. According to vin dicarlo, these tricks are rather futile. Remember that your true self is always better than any great pretender.

Move to improve

Saying that you have to be true to yourself does not have to mean that you will wallow in your self-professed uniqueness and be take your self-improvement project to a halt. Yes, you are not perfect and you will never be one. But there is no doubt that you can always be in a constant effort to improve yourself in more ways than one.

Knowing yourself more gives you an advantage in terms of identifying the areas that need improvement. Aside from physical appearance, invest on your social and emotional skills as well. Girls dig guys who truly understand them, or at least are on the same page with their dilemmas.

Impressing a woman is not impossible as proven by vin dicarlo. The trick if just finding out what tickles them. If it is about moving towards self-improvement, some twitches might cause you more benefit than the initial discomfort.